Should you be afraid of the spirit world?

Just the other day, I came across a meme that accurately describes what a spiritual awakening looks like.

When we start being more in tune with the spirit world, the blocks that hold our ideas of reality in place, start shattering.

Going back a few years, when my third eye started getting activated, I had the hardest time explaining to people what's happening to me. I never heard anybody within my circle that had the same experiences ever in their life. I didn't use to read spiritual books. All the reference I had about God was only through religion. Imagine how mind-boggling my state must have been at that time.

The process of awakening is different for different people. For me I started feeling the vibrations of each energy centre in my body. Started hearing ringing or tones in my ears while going to sleep. Started feeling lighter and lighter, almost to the point that I'll fly off of my body, everytime I went to sleep. I didn't understand grounding back then and almost resisted my awakening by praying daily as I had no mentor or anybody to guide me properly.

There's a lot that has happened during the years that passed. One way or another I was "brought back" into spirituality and this time, Spirit made sure that I felt safe to undergo my awakening. Every instance of my second wave of awakening was carefully monitored, guided and I received so many answers just by asking the universe! The answers came in every synchronistic, magical form.

So here's my assurance to you about the question in the title of this post. The spiritual awakening happens at the exact time when you're ready to receive it. You can always ask for help and know that you will get it. There is a team of guides and angels constantly monitoring us from the spirit world. You are never going through it all alone, no matter how much you want to believe in it.

So now coming to the question that a person who considers themself as "normal" would think when someone mentions about spirituality.

 Is it safe? Is talking to spirit (or guides/angels/channeling) safe? Is becoming a superhuman (as they call it) safe?

How do I ensure my safety? What if I develop schizophrenia? What if I'm not able to participate in this world at all? What will happen to my relations? Yada yada.

I'll tell you, the spiritworld is right there, waiting for you. It is constantly whispering and only few decide to listen to it. That beautiful world lies on the other side of fear. Take your time. Whenever you're ready.

P.s. This is just a drawing of your spirit I made. Doesn't it look friendly? Lol.

Will see you soon! 



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