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Should you be afraid of the spirit world?

Just the other day, I came across a meme that accurately describes what a spiritual awakening looks like. When we start being more in tune with the spirit world, the blocks that hold our ideas of reality in place, start shattering. Going back a few years, when my third eye started getting activated, I had the hardest time explaining to people what's happening to me. I never heard anybody within my circle that had the same experiences ever in their life. I didn't use to read spiritual books. All the reference I had about God was only through religion. Imagine how mind-boggling my state must have been at that time. The process of awakening is different for different people. For me I started feeling the vibrations of each energy centre in my body. Started hearing ringing or tones in my ears while going to sleep. Started feeling lighter and lighter, almost to the point that I'll fly off of my body, everytime I went to sleep. I didn't understand grounding back then and almos