The Dream state: Are we living in a dream?

  Recently I had this idea about the future, in which we could live a character in a movie. A truly immersive experience that would be! Imagine being a character in your favourite movie and seeing the world through his eyes. I also watched a k-drama recently that was called “Extraordinary You”. Its concept really fascinated me. A girl discovers that she is living in a comic book as a character whose fate is dependent on the writer’s whims! The brighter side to the story was that her character was determined to find a way to change her story by acting in between the scenes.

So imagine watching/living a truly immersive movie like that in which you can live the life of the character and you *have* the power to change the story by acting in between the scenes. 

Now a question arises that, “If we can imagine and create such an experience in the future, what makes us think that we’re not currently living in one such movie?” Remember the whole so-called theory of living in the matrix? It makes much more sense to me when I visit the dreamworld. The entire dreamscape is like giving me cues and ideas which are much more subtle, refined, and extraordinary compared to my real self that lives in this world. 

How do I know that I wake up in reality everytime I go to sleep? If you’ve heard about lucid dreaming you would know why life is called all a dream/illusion. You can materialise and dematerialise as per your desires. You can manifest anything in seconds. That is us existing as gods in our own world. Creators, creating at their best. 

The waking world is an illusion it’s true, but it has its own purpose. It’s purpose is to remind us of our true nature. I believe, if we can remember our true selves, one day we’ll be able to wake up, fully conscious, in the dream/reality. However you wanna call it and that’ll be a world wherein the fishes fly, birds swim and humans fly too. 

On a related note, this is the painting of my dream of the reality I wanna wake up in.

My dream life

Have a good one! Will see you later with another thought.

- Skee



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