A call to all earthly beings


| The divine call |

A call was sent out from the universe to all the consciousness on Earth to raise their vibration. This broadcast was taken up by the souls & the superconscious state of all human beings and the higher selves of every soul started collaborating with their lower levels to bring in events in their lives that ultimately leads them to being awakened beings.

The contents of the call were simple-:

1. To declare your sovereignty as a soul, a unique divine blueprint. 

2. To start sharing your wisdom to all others you come in contact with.

This made the soul embark on its mission. 

That means no more hiding your uniqueness. If you love a particular or a different thing then the call asks you to fully embrace your uniqueness and let it manifest into the world through you. 

You could be the one picking up on this transmission from years ago. Your soul is finally realizing its true potential. Its time to shine your light the brightest and remember the call you once answered from the divine.